“Yeah but it’s my God given right.” The common mantra of the gun-owning public.

Though I am sure many would disagree, it is exactly this kind of thinking that keeps our numbers and support from growing especially in the circles of the “anti-gun” crowd. The truth is we are all “anti-gun” in one sense or another. No one in their right mind would be happy to stare down the barrel of one pointed at them in anger. Those among us with a working knowledge of weaponry and defensive tactics understand that the best defense of a gun (aside from being able to teleport) is another gun. This “no punches pulled” real world approach increasingly requires that we treat gun ownership as a responsibility and privilege instead of a right. Even though it is written into our constitution, the irresponsible deployment or exercising of this right threatens to relinquish our freedom to keep and bear arms.

More and more, gun owners are feeling threatened in their exercising of this essential element of our constitution and many have chosen to protest by openly carrying their weapons in public spaces, creating fear, potential confusion and distrust among those who do not own weapons. This does not help to bring us as a nation closer to a resolution or understanding each other’s points of view. It simply catalyzes opinions further and creates more opposition to gun ownership.

A recent case in Oregon showed that open carry can be an invitation to thieves.

Furthermore, advertising that you are carrying is a security risk. The element of surprise is a life saving technique. Don’t throw it away just to flaunt that you have a weapon. You aren’t doing anyone any favors or raising awareness or any of the other things you may think you are doing. You are simply giving away one of your greatest survival attributes to a bad guy with a gun. Carry. Concealed. With a holster from Gray Sun Tactical Innovations. That is all.

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